Enjoying 3D Blu-ray movies with Daydream View on Android handset

This article aims for showing you how to rip and import 3D Blu-ray movies to Daydream View for viewing freely with Android handsets. 

With the introduction of Google Daydream, Google's VR division finally showed the world what Google's vision for VR is and perhaps where we can expect VR to go. Daydream introduces a 'VR mode' to the Android operating system and enables to get more sustained VR performance via their Android phone. A pairable remote you hold in your hand (similar to the Oculus Remote) controls the action. If you've some 3D Blu-rays that you would love to watch in Google DayDream View, you've come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to rip 3D Blu-ray to DayDream View compatible 3D videos for watching via Android phone conveniently.

As far as we know, the DayDream View lacks ability to play 3D Blu-ray movies, and it requires either Side-by-Side MP4 video using a VR player. 3D Blu-ray in general acts on the principle of alternating frames for each eye, although there are several methods that can be used. For example, odd-numbered frames might be for the left eye whereas even-numbered frames are for the right eye. Side-by-side 3D means taking each frame, compressing them horizontally, and fitting them in a single frame. This results in the separate left-eye/right-eye 1920×1080 frames becoming two individual 960×1080 images inside the same frame. When you look at these, you can actually see the 3D composite if you use the "relaxed eyes" method. 

In this case, we will quickly walk you through how to rip a 3D Blu-ray to Side-by-side 3D file type which is friendly with DayDream View, so you can view 3D Blu-ray movies with Google DayDream View in 3D effects. To finish task, here we recommended you to try a 3D Blu-ray ripping program - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate

With it, you can legally remove copy protection from commercial 3D Blu-ray and effortlessly rip a frame packed movie from 3D Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray movie folder and output SBS 3D MP4 videos supported by Google DayDream with best quality easily. In addition, this 3D Blu-ray ripping tool also helps you to change 3D Blu-ray 3D MP4/MOV/MKV for many glasses or VR headsets on the market, like AirVR, VR One, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.. Besides 3D Blu-ray, 2D Blu-ray, DVD, 2D/3D videos to Daydream View conversion is allowed.

If you're using a Mac, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which allows you to convert 3D Blu-ray to Google DayDream View on Mac (OS Sierra included). Now download the right version according to your situation and check out the steps below.

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How to convert 3D Blu-ray to watch in Google DayDream View

Step 1. Import 3D Blu-ray movie

Launch the professional 3D Blu-ray to DayDream View converter. Click "Add Blu-ray" button to add 3D Blu-ray movie to it. Double click the video, you can preview the movie in the right side.

Step 2. Select an output format for DayDream View

Click "Select Format" and find "Format > Video". there are a lot of format options for you. Here you can recommended to select MP4 as the output format.

Tip: Click Settings to adjust the parameters like video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel. 1920x1080 compressed side-by-side 3D should be resampled to 1920x540 resolution full side-by-side resolution. And keep audio in AAC or MP3. 

Step 3. Set 3D mode

Dimo 3D Blu-ray video Converter offers optimized 3D Blu-ray vdeo editing functions, empowering user to crop video file size, trim video segment, add special effect/watermark and so on to realize different needs.

Step 4. Start to convert 3D Blu-ray to DayDream View

Click "Start" button, 3D Blu-ray to Google DayDream View converter will start to work. Just be patient, it will not take you long time. After the conversion, click "Open" to get output SBS video for transferring to VR player to get better access. It is right time to play and enjoy your 3D Blu-ray on DayDream View anytime, anywhere for hours.

To have a wonderful 3D home theatre experience, this conversion is just the first procedure. You need extra VR Player to view locally-saved 360 and VR videos onto DayDream View via Android as below:


First, you need to install the video player app, launch Play Store, then search for "Kolor Eyes" or browse to Kolor Eyes Play Store page. Once on the app page, click on the install button. 


Any Android device running Android 4.x and later.

Media compatibility 

Kolor Eyes is able to play any video that your device natively supports. Video format, resolution and bit rate depends on device model. Safe choice is h.264 encoded 1280x720 at 30 FPS (level 3.1). Most modern high-end devices play h.264 encoded 1920x1080 30 FPS video (level 4.1). Latest high-end models reach 4k resolution 3840x2160 at 30 FPS (level 5.1). 

A quick test to determine if a video is playable in Kolor Eyes is to try to play it with the native Videos app. 

Transport Local videos 

This screen exposes user movies downloaded using a URL (DOWNLOAD FILE menu. Downloading a file creates KolorEyes folder) or uploaded to the device directly. 
To upload a video locally, connect your device to your computer, then just upload your movies to the folder \Movies\KolorEyes\. 

If a video is greyed, Kolor Eyes is not able to play it. And the above top 3D video converter- Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is needed.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

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